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MPM Support

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About MPM

The implicit material point method (MPM) is a research code being developed for studying cell biomechanics. MPM is one component within the Uintah Computational Framework (UCF) which is, in turn, one of the software packages within the SCIRun Problem Solving Environment (PSE). The UCF contains a number of other components, including an explicit MPM implementation, a compressible CFD component known as ICE, as well as a fluid structure interaction component known as MPMICE. The SCIRun PSE also contains visualization tools for interacting with the data created by the Uintah components.

MPM (a meshless numerical method) is attractive for conducting cell biomechanics simulations because it allows for the easy discretization of complex structures and allows large problems to be scaled over 200 processors.  A .zip file containing the SCIRun source code, some necessary third party software, a manual, and two example problems with solutions can be downloaded below.  A 2D example is provided to get the new user started and a 3D example of a cell surrogate  embedded within a collagen gel is also provided to illustrate MPM’s discretization and scaling capabilities.

Please contact with questions or to report a bug.