Rinchen Phuntsok
Rinchen PhuntsokPhD - Mechanics of the Pediatric Cervical Spine
Jared Zitnay
Jared ZitnayPhD - Multiscale mechanics and damage of dense connective tissue
Jocelyn Todd
Jocelyn ToddPhD - Focal cartilage defects in the hip
Steven LaBelle
Steven LaBellePhD - Angiogenic neovessel guidance and bone vascularization
Sean Finley
Sean FinleyMS - Mechanics of the lumbar spine
Allen Lin
Allen LinPhD - Application of collagen hybridizing peptides to detect mechanical damage in collagen
Michael Herron
Michael Herron MS - Mechanics of the cervical spine
Adam Rauff
Adam RauffPhD - Angiogenic neovessel guidance